Interview with Author Abhinav Singh.


Grateful to the Author for taking out time and responding to my email. I had many queries while reading the book and i had put down all in front of the author, few questions are from google and i am glad all were answered however queer they might be. Thanks so much, it was nice to know you as an author. All the more success for your future books.

– Vithya.

Book Review of The Last Attractor of Chaos.

Full Interview 

Tell us all about your book? from where did you get inspiration? what prompted you to become a writer? Describe your journey as a writer?

My book : The Last Attractor of Chaos is about a smart and fiery R&AW agent Shruti Rathore, the circumstances that lead to her entrapment and some unanswered questions on life and death which have been dealt with, in a different light.

The inspiration was to find a way out of the working hours and to have some time for my own. ( it is yet to be achieved).

Writing this book was a painful, monotonous, year long experience. Each chapter took about three days to come out and next four days were spent on rewriting and editing. My weekly offs were spent in front of a local chaiwala, ordering cups of tea as I wrote the book on my phone.
Writing at home was out of question, all credits to my son, who was just over eighteen months when I started the book.

What is physics for you?

The answer to all holographic reality, as we perceive it to be. It’s not any self help book or guru, but a simple electron that has taught me this: Your reality is limited to your imagination.

How long did it took to write this book? how many rejection before your book got published? How did it feel when your first book got published?

Honestly I never went to any traditional publishing house so that I would never have to face rejection. It wasn’t the fear of rejection as much as, it was the fear of wasting time. So I opted for self publishing from the start with a confidence that I can make this work.

How do you manage teaching and writing book?

Teaching in the coaching industry is a very straining experience, especially if students prefer to study from a teacher/s. I took time out from the slots in which there were no classes. I must mention here that it wasn’t my professional life but my personal life that suffered in the writing process.
There is none other than my wife who held the strings tight in the tough times.

What was your hardest scene to write?

Making a pregnant woman escape, all on her own, from the custody of Army Police was the hardest one to write.

Which is your favourite character in the book and why?

Can’t say which one. I tried to do justice to every character and let every character build itself.

If you are an avid reader, which is your favorite book and why? who are your favorite authors?
Which is your favorite physics book and why?

Dan Brown and Mario Puzo books are my favourite in fiction. I love Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Green books on self help. In physics I love the way Stephen Hawking has explained the laws in the most simplistic way possible but I read everything; from Einstein’s original text to current journals, as much as I can get my hands on.
Adding to that I read books to write books. For example I read The Kaoboys Of R&AW by B Raman ( an ex- spy) to understand how R&AW works.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

The Godfather. I can’t explain why but that book struck on my nerves for a very long time.

Your bio says you are a physics teacher. how did your students react to your book?. Did you ask them for any feedback?

I am very conservative in that aspect. I think my students should be studying their course books rather than my own, which will bring them no immediate benefit. So I refrained from talking about my books to them but I definitely discussed about it to some ex-students of mine who loved the book ( or may be they said so out of courtesy, I’ll never know..)

Reading the book i feel you must have referred to standard physics books? which physics books did you use for reference?

It was a lifetime of accumulated and processed information. It wasn’t any one or two books.

When is the sequel coming?

The sequel is probably going to be my third book. I want to do it as fast as I can but there is a dope idea for a new story that I just can’t let go.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones? What do you expect from a book reviewer?.

Yes I read my reviews and love to thank the people who take time out to read books from a nobody. Irrespective of the reviews they have, I’ll always respect them for turning me into somebody from a nobody.

Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Writing is not the Sword of Zeus for his favourite sons and daughters to have but its a craft that than be mastered by any body who is willing to work hard and to give its due. I’ve read books like Stein On Writing and lot like this to understand how writing works even before I started to write. Maybe I’m not as good today or people don’t know me but someday it is going to happen if I continue to better myself.

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks by Alvita Mack

Book Details:

Book Title: The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks by Alvita Mack

Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7), 26 pages

Genre: Children’s Books, Cars, Trains & Things That Go, Cars & Trucks

Publisher: Mindstir Media

Release date: September 26, 2016

Tour dates: May 28 to June 22, 2018

Content Rating: G

Book Description:

This story is about a little boy who is fascinated by fire trucks. Throughout his early life, he has dreams about the adventures at the station and the exciting life of a firefighter. The little boy holds his dreams close until one day they become a reality.

To follow the tour please visit Alvita Mack’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Author Interview

How did you do research for your book?

I didn’t have to do much research on my book aside from using my own experiences with my son.

Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest?

It was easy writing about the little boy in my book because it was based on the reality of my five year old.

In your book you make a reference to….how did you come up with this idea?

In my book I make reference to dreaming big and working hard because it essential that we plant seeds early on and instill in children that all things are possible with hard work and perseverance. I know this to be true firsthand.

What made you write a book about…?

This story was something I wrote to go along with a picture my son drew and it blossomed into this book. I wanted my son to read a book that he could identify with and I wanted the message to be inspiring for him and all children around the world.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

I get inspiration from my son, my students, and all children I interact with. I also have a vivid imagination that I like to play around with in my writing.

Meet the Author:

Alvita is a lover of writing, a teacher, and most importantly, a mom. Writing has always provided a creative outlet for which she finds sensible solutions. Having a son with developmental delays was very challenging for her. However, she used books and original stories to help him overcome the obstacles he faced at an early age. Alvita believes that the imagination is truly a key that unlocks the doors to an endless journey.Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram

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Book Review : The Last Attractor of Chaos by Abhinav Singh.


“I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset


Writing about a book so detailed and nuanced is difficult. I can go on rattling about it but to enjoy its essence you will have to read it. The review and even its blurb does not justify the vastness and genuineness of this book. It has been purposefully written to reveal less, the plot has twists beyond your wildest imagination. Expect to see physics in a new light, your fear for the subject will melt into thin air. It was law of attraction at work when i stumbled upon this book and decided to sign up for it.

The protagonist Shruti Rathore and her husband Ashwin Rathore are happily married for 5 years. Both are high level officers where shruti a former spy, is now working as a Senior Intelligence Bureau officer for RAW and Ashwin is a reputed Particle Physics scientist who had previously worked in a classified project for BARC.

In a sudden twist of events Ashwin is killed in a car mishap which was actually a trap laid for six month pregnant shruti.

With repeated attempts on her life and no time to grieve. Shruti with her unborn child proves her mettle as a badass spy again when she decides to find out the people who ruined her life. The series of events that follows leaves her spellbound. As she starts digging up there are more shocking revelations . The Security of the country and its citizens life is at stake. Whether she is able to save herself and the country is the story and there is a supernatural power in the plot too.

The way this story is narrated is different. Different because it is told in the language of physics.
Schrodinger’s cat theory, butterfly effect, string theory, chaos are few of the theories included in the narration. I am in awe of the conceptual clarity of the author. Once you read it, his imagination will enthrall you.

Wonderful plot, wonderful characterisation, wonderfully told. Shruti’s character makes my soul happy as she is portrayed as a strong, bold,fearless and a courageous spy best in her profession who can give a run for money to any man in her field. Even with a baby in her tummy she does not give up. Ashwin is a husband every girl would want, a man who loves his wife more than his own life and he proves it after his death too.

Thrilling to the T, goosebumps are guaranteed and what more, the story does not end it is to be continued..

Weaving a thriller spy story around schrodinger’s cat theory, string theory, chaos theory, energy, vibrations… is geniusness.

Go for it if you want to see physics portrayed differently. It may change your perception of physics and your outlook towards it.

Love – O – Meter : 5🌟

Publisher : Notion Press.

Date : 1 Jan 2018.

Book Length : 332.

Format : Paperback.

Price : Rs 349.

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Interview & Guest Post : Author Divyata Rajaram.

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What inspired you to write this book?

If You Only Knew Me was a story in my head that was begging to be put down on paper. As they say fact is stranger than fiction and my years of living in Dubai fuelled my imagination and desire to pen this novel.

Being an NRI myself, I felt it was time to write a story that understood the emotional angst experienced by this diaspora even within the trappings of a relatively successful life in high society.

Getting a book published is not a cakewalk. Every author has his/her own stories of struggles and triumph. I want to know yours. How many years of struggle before your first book got published?

The struggle does certainly exist for most debut authors as no publisher is willing to take on an unpublished author. I certainly had my share of rejections but it only served to strengthen my resolve to see my novel in print. Furthermore, releasing and distributing a novel within the Middle East comes with its own sets of caveats and norms . It was a great learning process for sure . The entire process for me took around a year and a half before the novel could be published.

How do you manage time to write amidst your personal commitments, if any?

As a mother to a 12 year old and a busy professional , I was thankful for the quiet hours at night or on holidays when I would clatter away at my laptop ! It greatly helped to have a supportive family environment ofcourse to help me balance my writing with all my other commitments.

What are the do’s /don’ts for book reviewers? What do you like or dislike about book reviews?

Nowadays , with several online media sources, most people are guided on what to read  by  a book review. I find it quite insightful to see the perspective of the reviewer.

The one thing I do not appreciate is a review which gives a nuanced approach and hesitates to take a stand on the novel as I believe this could be more confusing for a potential reader .

Give your precious tips, advices or suggestions to struggling writers?

 No advice but I would certainly encourage budding or struggling writers to get beyond the first few chapters which is typically when one encounters writers block .  As with most projects, writing requires you to first believe in yourself and your story and keep going no matter what.

Guest Post

What is the one thing that she particularly loves about her book and writing, in general?

I am fascinated by the layers that exist within human relationships and I love that my book attempts to unravel this. Writing to me is spontaneous and I write about people and situations that have always intrigued me as an individual and sparked my imagination.

If you only Knew me by Divyata Rajaram : Book Review.

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If you only Knew me by Divyata Rajaram.

Publisher : CinnamonTeal Publishing.

Date : 1st Jan 2017.

Book Length : 166

Format : PDF.

Paperback Price : Rs 375.

As Part of The Book Club Blog Tour, the Publisher sent the copy for a honest and unbaised review. 

How well do we know our friends and family?.. How transparent are we in our close relationships?. how much are we willing to reveal and share our deep secrets with a BFF or even a spouse?.

This story forces us to ponder and question ourselves and emphasizes the importance of communication in any relationship.

Anjali Sen, Rupali jahangir, Monica Kapur, Sakina choudhary and Dipika Luthra are NRI’s and close friends settled in Dubai for past 10 years.
A close group of girlfriends meeting, partying and having fun just like any of us or so it seems as what they think about each other is completely opposite to what they show outside.
Even with the insecurities and envies they share a close bond.
In a sudden twist of events one of them is found dead in suspicious circumstances leading to police investigation.

The second part of the book turns into a mystery novel, but not entirely, the investigation into the death goes side by side alongwith the individual timelines of each of the characters including Rohit, Adil and Rakesh – partners of Rupali, Sakina and Monica. Hence along with the thrill of reading a detective novel you get to feel real stories of real people struggling to maintain their high profile careers, and to keep their love and marital relationships stable and afloat.

The book comes across as a rare genre which leaves you with a lingering memory of reading two genres intertwining flawlessly into one.

The way few characters were described now and then was confusing. Abrupt change in their behaviour was difficult to grasp. A steady and smooth graph of some characters would have added to the already stellar plot and even more stellar narration. Even with the above minor hitches the plot and writing stood out because i couldn’t keep it down and finished it in record 3-5 days.

I was not bored anywhere because every chapters were short, as short as just 1 or 2 pages ( by the way i didn’t realise it was such a joy to read short chapters) and the author dealt with each characters in turn and made sure she didn’t dwell on any one character for long even though she had so much to say. i felt it was to the point, not more nor less, just perfect! Lots of characters each having their own long story add to it a murder mystery and the book is just 166 pages!!

The author gives few subtle hints on the culprit, as with any mystery novel make sure you pay attention while reading. Try to do with the book in one go or you lose out on the fun of guessing as you might forget the facts.

The book teaches a few life lessons in relationships like forgiving and accepting each others mistakes however grave it may be.

The latter part of the story reveals the lies and deceptions of few Characters under the mask of friendship, trust and loyalty. The only question arising now and then is that do they really know each other?.. whether their friendship still stays strong or crumbles under the weight of lies and deception is known only at the end. The ending is highly emotional.

The narration was amazing, Most of the major locations in dubai has been included as part of the plot and described beautifully. The cover is stunning.

This sort of work from a debut author is indeed admiring.

If you like an unusual combination of family drama and mystery thriller, go for it.

Love – O – Meter : 4🌟